Listening to Music

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Does this never get old?  When I was a teenager I could spend an entire weekend sitting in my room listening to music and making mixed tapes.

It’s still probably one of my favourite things to do.  Except I don’t make mixed tapes anymore. Some bands or albums, as soon as I hear them, transport me back to some remembered time in my past.  It’s always a happy way to spend a night.

Since I moved out (of the house I lived in with my husband) I’ve not had a personal computer.  Or access to my itunes library.  Which totally sucked, until Jonny gave me a portable hard drive with a copy of all of our combined albums on it and I made the decision to fill up my work computer with music.

I have to say, tonight I am in heaven.

My only problem has been what to listen to.  I have so many choices!

I started with Blur.  It reminds me of grade ten, manic panic and going to concerts with my friends.   I saw Blur when they were touring Parklife with two friends of mine.  One of their parents took us and sat in the car while we watched the show.  It was super.


This is me in grade ten. At the time I thought that this was a great picture of me (and by bestie for over 20 years, Wendy)


Yes Skates! part 2

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I’m so excited today!

and nervous!

So I hurt my knee two years ago and had to take time off from roller derby.  I tried to go back in the fall, but got scared about hurting my knee again and…. ran away.  But I’ve still been missing it horribly, so I’m returning to derby (again) tonight.

I’m both happy and scared.  I have only been skating a hand full of times since I hurt my knee.  (Most recently was Monday night when I cleverly took a yoga with weights class before skating 12 km with my derby wife, Bean.  Lyssa practically had to drag me up the stairs to get me home afterwards because I was so exhausted.)

This is me with my Wifey and her Mama at Saturdays game.

This is me with my Wifey and her Mama at Saturdays game.

I’m worried that I’m not in great shape and won’t be able to keep up, and also worried about getting shin splints.  And I’m worried that I’ve still got ‘the fear’.  And also, I don’t know the rules anymore.  I went to watch Bean play this past Saturday and a friend asked me if it was killing me to watch and if I wanted to be on the line too.  And totally it was, and totally I do.  But at the same time, when I stopped playing derby we lined up at the pivot line.  and there were two whistles…

*sigh* but then again, that’s why I played derby.  It scares the shit out of me and I love it.

photo 3

Bean’s the one with the pink helmet


What I know About Smoothies

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I have a really fancy blender that I like to blend things in.  It makes me feel special.

This is a bit unfortunate for Ms. Lyssa because when I make her smoothies, it tends to turn out a bit like that blender scene in Freaks and Geeks as I search through my kitchen to see ‘what else can I put in this disgusting smoothie for my Lyssa that she will dutifully pretend to drink and then pour down the sink when she thinks I’m not looking LOVE!?!?!’. 


This image is from the Freaks and Geeks TV show. I got it from the interwebs.

I like blending my leafy greens and drinking them because it is a much faster process than actually eating them.  This has resulted in an increase in the amount and range of vegetables that I ingest in any given week. I also like making pina coladas, because they are fun and singing the pina colada song reminds me of a friend.  But mostly I use my blender for making smoothies.  

Usually my smoothies taste alright… Or at least I’m used to drinking them and I think they taste alright.  But I have not yet mastered the art of making a (vegan) smoothie with protein powder. I’ve read all kinds of recipes in books and blogs for smoothies with protein powder in them that are supposed to taste great.  And they just never do.  Perhaps this is because I use vegan protein powder…  I’m really not sure.  But I’ve learned that the best way to ruin a smoothie is to put protein powder in it. 

In any case I’ve been wanting to find new and exciting things to blend so that I will ingest more things that are good for me and less cupcakes and chocolate.  We were at Costco last week and I found a book on blending.  I have high hopes for the cheerful chimichurri bowl, which I have promised to not try to make into a smoothie or add protein powder to it.



In the meantime, I’m not posting a picture or a recipe for a delicious smoothie that includes protein powder, because I would be lying.  However, if you are reading this, and you can make a delicious vegan smoothie with protein powder in it, pleas give yourself a high five.


Lazy Weekends

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We had super weather this past weekend!  it was so great!

Saturday I had the day to myself so I went to yoga and then cleaned my apartment. (I know that doesn’t sound like too much fun, but I’m the sort that likes cleaning and organizing so it was super for me.)  Lyssa came over, we were supposed to go to a movie but at the last minute a friend invited us out to a really awful  club for drinks to celebrate her birthday.  It took us forever to decide if we were going to go because it was in a different city and we couldn’t take the bus to get there, but in the end, we ended up going.


Here’s me, not even trying. Sweat socks with Fluevogs. This combination looks particularly upsetting under a black light.

We arrived at about 11 pm had two drinks and around 11.45 pm my friend announced that she was ready to go.  So we spent probably more time driving to and from than we did hanging out.  But it was a nice night out all the same, and I got this picture to add to my collection of things that are funny.  Sadly its dark, but I think you can still make out the awesomeness of this ride.


For when you want the comfort of a van but the practicality of a pickup.

Sunday was supposed to be yoga and hanging out with me, myself and I however as luck would have it I got my daughters early and ended up spending the afternoon watching them playing at the park.  Then I went for an early evening skate down by the pier.  It felt so good to be skating again that I don’t even care about the dumb sunburn I got.  (I had straightened my hair and pushed my bangs to the side, so I have a triangle burnt onto the left side of my face and raccoon eyes from where I was wearing sunglasses all afternoon, and a red nose)


Yes rollerskating!



How to Skype Date Like a Champ

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Disclaimer: I would not encourage this as a method for endearing oneself unless you are sure that the woman of your dreams is in agreement that awkward is the new sexy.

So, imagine yourself sitting on your pink couch, wearing an oversized track suit while you’re waiting for your chia, buckwheat and hemp seed cereal to coagulate so you can eat it.  Then you get a video call over skype.  Its your girlfriend, and she’s looking all adorable….

Alyssa: Hey Gorgeous.

Natty: *while attempting to conceal knitting needles* Hi Lyssa.

Alyssa: How’s watching Fringe going?

Natty: I’m working!

Alyssa: mhm.

Natty: blah blah blah rainbows, kittens, things that are sparkly….

Alyssa: blah blah blah tasty chicken strips, shoes, things that are cuddly….

Natty: What’s for lunch?

Alyssa:  I don’t know.  You?

Natty: *Holds up bowl of now semi-coagulated cereal towards computer camera and tilts it forward so that the contents are visible*

Alyssa: *makes that about to say something sound*

Natty: NOOOOOOOO!!!! *does that slow motion watching in horror thing as ALL THE CEREAL slides out of the bowl and lands on top of her laptop*

Alyssa: What?


Alyssa: bwahahahahahahahahah….


Alyssa: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I like that your reaction is to take a picture HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Natty: !!!@#$%^ I HAVE TO GO!

CRAP! Oh yeah.  I’m totally smooth.

Happily the cereal did not land all over my keyboard.



I Am My Hair


Ain’t that the truth!

Hair has always been really important to me.  It looks like that has rubbed off onto my daughters, they like cool hair too.

They’ve always just had long hair with bangs, but in the last year have been expressing desire for their own style.  It was my youngest daughter B that I allowed to get a cool hairstyle first.  She’s very much a tomboy, and having long hair seemed to be damaging her soul, so I let her cut all her hair off.  Now she alternates between having a faux hawk and growing it out into a euro mullet.

H had been growing her hair like Rapunzel for what seems like forever… so when she started asking to shave the side of her head, I told her no because I didn’t want her to be sad if she didn’t like it, and because she has been growing her hair for so long.

We were at the salon last Saturday getting ‘fashion lady hairdos’ and B went first and asked for a faux hawk.


Here’s B with her faux hawk. She’s messed it up a bit, but clearly she hates it :)

While H was waiting for her turn we were talking about how she was going to get her hair done. She was campaigning for having the side of her head shaved, and I reminded her again that she wanted to grow her hair like Rapunzel and I didn’t think it was a good idea because I didn’t want her to be disappointed. Suddenly she got very sad, and she said to me ‘mummy, why do you let B cut her hair however she wants, but not me? I’ve wanted this hair cut for months’.

Awwwww…. Now I feel like a Jerk. I totally do let B do whatever she wants with her hair.  Even when she convinced Alyssa to shave the sides of her head with my little electric bikini shaver thing while I was out one afternoon I didn’t get upset. And I let her keep her little mullet even though it looked awful.

I had no good response for H’s question.  And, to be honest, I’m a little bit proud of her for coming up with such a mature response to me all on her own. So, I said to her, why not get a little undercut for now, see if you like it. If you do, next time you can do the full side of your head.


H with her baby undercut.

She got the undercut and is pleased as punch.  She’s been showing it to everyone, and I can tell that she thinks she’s so super cool now.


Meat Is….

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Not appealing.

I’ve been vegetarian on and off since I was in my early teens.  That wasn’t ever a hard habit to keep.  I don’t actually like the taste of meat, it’s always been the tasty sauces that the meat has held up that has appealed to me. (and bacon… especially crispy bacon in maple syrup)  But at times, the allure of tasty sauces held up by meat has lured me away from the veggie cart.

My most recent lapse in not eating meat would be when I was pregnant with my first daughter.  I got back on the wagon around the end of 2012 sometime?… shortly after I started dating my girlfriend.  (she’s vegetarian)

Recently I’ve been having cravings for chicken wings.

Then, last week my girlfriend decided that she wants to go back to eating meat.  As a result, I’ve been cooking a lot of bacon for her over the last few days.  Then yesterday she wanted to eat chicken wings .I tentatively agreed to eat them with her.  To kill the craving.

I’d been watching the clock all afternoon, as time got closer and closer to supper I realized that despite the fact that I had been craving chicken wings, and we were going to get them from a place that makes the best wings ever, I really REALLY didn’t want to eat them.  In part because I know the result will be me feeling like garbage for days.  But also, I just didn’t want to.  The thought of actually eating meat now is just so incredibly gross to me.

I think the craving for chicken wings must have had to do with some emotional thing I was wanting, rather than an actual desire to eat chicken.  And so, I’ve been thinking it might be a good idea to try writing down what I’m feeling when I start craving foods I don’t actually want to eat.  I’m hoping this might help me to understand why I have them and then find another way to address it that doesn’t end in me eating something that is going to make me feel awful for days.

And also, it is encouraging that eventually even though craving certain things that I know don’t agree with me, I will not want to actually eat them.  It makes me hope that eventually I will not want to be anywhere near dairy as well.